Personal project

Tribute to Stunning Jewelry & Savage Beauty. A collection of watercolor illustrations.

Wolf & Chanel Fall 2012 Necklace; Deer & Aurelie Bidermann Wild West Necklace SS 2012; Cheetah & Chanel Necklace (Metiers d'Art Paris Bombay Pre-Fall 2012); Giraffe & Lulu Frost Earrings; Hippopotamus & Ashley Lloyd Headpiece; Chameleon & Ek Thongprasert The Birth of Venus Necklace; Peacock & Traditional Russian Kokoshnik (from Princes Orlova-Davydova Photograph, 1903);  Rabbit Bunny & Delfina Delettrez Collar Necklace; Owl & Swarovski Meteor Necklace, Lanvin & Colliac Martina Grasselli Rings; Reindeer & Alexis Bittar Ivy Bib Necklace.